the morning after…

Yesterday I sent a message to a few ladies in my inner circle sharing my weakness.  The bible says we are to “confess our sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed”. (James 5:16)  I did it most certainly for their prayers but also for the accountability that comes with shared admission.


I will be honest with you, this morning I am feeling a bit vulnerable.  I have worked a very long time at perfecting my good girl image and to have it tarnished in front of those I admire and hold dear is hard.   But to live in darkness with this area of my life is even harder.  Knowing that I cannot be used fully by God to bring him the glory he deserves is longer acceptable, living with one foot in the world and one foot longing for eternal life is a very slippery place to live and more often than not I slide onto the side of sin.  I am seeking the power not to do that anymore.  To move forward totally in the light because it is only there that I will find my true self and my true calling.

I love this quote from Kelly Minter’s bible study – What Love Is – ,

“…don’t ever let the Enemy rob you of your calling.  You’re a godly man (woman) and your past does not define you.”

It is such a precious reminder that God keeps no record of our wrongs, so why do we?  I think I am going to embroider that and hang it somewhere that I can see it every day.

Determined to live in the Light,



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